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Creating critical care ventilators is a true team effort. Supporting GM, UAW, and Ventec workers are thousands of suppliers and partners who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to equip frontline medical professionals with the tools they need to save lives.

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Supplier Details

Abatek Americas, Inc.

Duluth, Georgia

Abatek is a manufacturer of input solutions. We are a direct supplier to Ventec of seals, grommets, gaskets, valves, and diaphragms used in their various models of ventilators.
ABC Technologies

Southfield, Michigan

ABC Technologies is supporting GM and Ventec in the production of twenty-one injection molded components for ventilators. Our collective team from engineering, quality, manufacturing, logistics, purchasing, and program management came together to work relentlessly to tool up and produce high quality production parts in just three weeks of program kick off. ABC is proud to be part of the Project V team working together with GM and Ventec to support our communities during the COVID-19 crisis.
AOP Technologies

Auburn, Washington

As a supplier of components for medical devices, we provide the reinforced tubing used on the internal pump and the pneumatic quick couplings used to connector the ventilator to the hospital oxygen supply.
Applied Technical Services

Everett, Washington

532 Control Board Electronics
Archer Corporate Services (ACS)

Belleville, Michigan

ACS put together mission critical parts that were sent to the GM Kokomo, IN plant for assembling.
BGM Electronic Services

Auburn Hills, Michigan

Subcontractor of the circuit board assemblies
Bi-Search International

Irvine, California

Bi-Search being a distributor for LGD, we optically bond the PCAP touch sensor onto the 7" LG LCDM and ship as an integrated unit to both Ventec and GM.

Buffalo, New York

Caplugs produced a FDA grade vinyl cap used to protect the Ventec VOCSN ventilator's external bacteria filter from dust and debris during shipping.
Cascadia Custom Molding

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Cascadia Custom Molding has been a custom molder for Ventec Life Systems since 2014. We mold 26 separate plastics parts for GM and Ventec in our two plants in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Woodinville, Washington. Every one of our 175 employees are proud to be part of this crucial endeavor.
Chemico Systems, Inc.

Southfield, Michigan

Supplier of wire solder used in the manufacture of ventilators.
Coast Label Company

Fountain Valley, California

Custom self-adhesive labels and pressure-sensitive labels.
Conard Corporation

Glastonbury, Connecticut

Conard has produced several components for Ventec Life Systems ventilators for several years. In stainless steel, we chemically machine (photo-etch) reed valves and drive bands for the radial compressor. In aluminum, we etch the O2 metering flag and exhalation control backing plate.
Cooper Standard

Northville, Michigan

Cooper Standard was proud to support GM and Ventec in the production of critical care ventilators. The Company produced a silicone exhaust adapter at our Livonia and Gaylord, MI facilities. We received the request to help with the project on April 13th and in less than a week was shipping products. This project clearly demonstrates the power of collaboration and Cooper Standard is humbled to be a part of making a difference in the communities where we work and live.

Columbia, Maryland

dlhBOWLES was contracted to supply 3 Finished good and 2 sub-assy parts as part of the Ventec V Pro and VOCSN Pro models. Because of our extensive network of tool shops, and talented engineering and manufacturing teams, we were able to quickly get started producing production parts.
Doug Brown Packaging Products, Inc.

Troy, Michigan

For Project V, we have been providing poly bags of many various different sizes. We also have machines and bags on Project M in US, Canada & Mexico.
Faspro Technologies

Arlington Heights, Illinois

Faspro is providing two structure mount brackets for the ventilators. The Power O2 bracket and a handle mount bracket. This requires laser, multi-stage forming, high-quality zinc coating, and hardware application.
Fisaga Technologies LLC

Oceanside, California

We are the US Rep. for Boreasa, the supplier of blowers for all the ventilators for this project.

Urbana, Illinois

Supplied tooling to manufacture & maintain a continuous supply of seven different precision, injection-molded ventilator components, from our Ventra Grand Rapids location.
GlobalTech Plastics, LLC

Fife, Washington

GlobalTech Plastics has served Ventec Life Systems for the past four years from design to full production on the VOSCN Ventilator and now serving General Motors with this life-saving mission. GlobalTech Plastics' injection molds, assembles, and certifies parts for the Cough Assist assembly for VPro, VSCN, and VOSCN.
Hardware Specialty Co Inc

Long Island City, New York

We supply Ventec with Fasteners and O-Rings. I have worked with Ventec Engineers since 2015 from design phase to production.
Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering, Inc.

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Our Hi-Tech Mold and Baxter team designed and built a production injection mold for the Main Chassis. Post molding assembly occurs onsite through the use of sonic welding cells for threaded insert installation. A focused effort of selfless teamwork allowed us to complete the project in 4 weeks from inception.
HS inc.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

We built 3 plastic injection molds for the Ventec project.

Santa Fe Springs, California

We developed the formulation and mass-produced the translucent silicone for the Adapter, Active Valve Exhaust.
Lee Spring

Brooklyn, New York

We are spring supplier on this project.

Lancaster, Texas

LGS has been providing the Head Radial Compressor Cover for Ventec Life's VOCSN device since 2015. We were very excited about the opportunity to provide GM with this part during the COVID-19 pandemic and ramped up our production to meet these requirements. We have taken great pride in our work for this project and it has been a pleasure servicing GM.
Linamar Corporation

Livonia, Michigan

Various Linamar plants supported the Ventec Project with 15 precision machined aluminum components.
LumenFlow, LLC

Zeeland, Michigan

LumenFlow's expertise is lighting and photonics engineering. In one of our manufacturing processes, we use optical grade silicone to mold optics for a variety of industries. Our contact at GM, Anna Boone, knew that we molded silicone and asked if we could support. We were willing to do whatever we could to support this mission. Currently, we are molding the exhalation diaphragm. This is not optical silicone, but we made some changes in our process and got a tool up in running in a few weeks.
Mac Arthur Corporation

Grand Blanc, Michigan

The MacArthur team launched, manufactured and supplied over 30 unique part numbers to GM Kokomo, GM/Setech Kokomo, and GM/Archer locations. Our 30 plus products on Project V include a portfolio of custom labels, tags, and thermal transfer ribbons. MacArthur supplies to world-leading OEMs from our headquarter location in Michigan. We have been supplying to GM since 1970, when the company was founded.
Manufacturing & Design, Inc.

Mukilteo, Washington

During this project MDI provided 6 different part numbers to support the effort both to Ventec in Bothell and to the Kokomo facility in Indiana. MDI was approached by the Ventec/GM team to share proprietary information with the Kokomo suppliers to help accelerate the ramp-up in production. We spent many hours in phone and e-mail communications to achieve this goal. Our team of 5 dedicated employees worked weekends and holidays to ensure that all parts were delivered on time.
Mark Precision Tool & Engineering

Commerce Twp, Michigan

We are making Part #PRT-00110-000 Counterweight for the Radial Compressor for the Ventec VCSN Pro Ventilator
Martinrea International Inc.

Auburn Hills, Michigan

As part of their efforts to assist in the Coronvirus (COVID-19) pandemic Martinrea International Inc. is producing up to 30,000 ventilator stands and shipping them to General Motors Corp. (GM) advanced electronics plant in Kokomo, Indiana where critical care ventilators are being assembled by GM and Ventec Life Systems.

Taunton, Massachusetts

maxon has been working with Ventec for many years and has been designed into their VOCSN ventilator to provide precision motion on multiple mission-critical subsystems. maxon develops and builds high-precision drive systems that are used inside the ventilator to provide oxygen concentration, suction, and nebulizer functionality. Through close collaboration with the Ventec engineers, maxon was able to provide a unique solution and quickly ramp up production over the last couple of weeks.
Menasha Packaging Company

Neenah, Wisconsin

We pulled together a cross-functional team to be able to provide the packaging needed to support this project on within an extremely tight timeline understanding the critical need.
Merryweather Foam Inc.

Anthony, New Mexico

We supply the head radial compressor gasket for the ventilators.
Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc.

Princeton, Indiana

Mid-States Rubber built tooling and produced the vibration dampers for the ventilators.
Midwest Prototyping

Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

Midwest Prototyping is 3D printing internal components for the GM ventilator project utilizing Stereolithography printers and ultraviolet resin.
Murdock Industrial Inc.

Akron, Ohio

We are supplying the medical grade tubing.

Livonia, Michigan

NYX is a proud supplier of Ventec-GM's ventilator sub-components viz..Assembly of External Bacterial Filter, Housing Outer Bacterial Filter, and Cover Mounting Adapter Suction Canister. The scope of work was to build 3 injection molds and procure assembly equipment to ship a complete assembled Bacterial Filter. Product introduction to shipping assemblies in just 4 weeks!
Oetiker Group

Marlette, Michigan

We worked with personnel at General Motors who were assigned to the fastener category to quickly supply the clamps that connect the hoses to and from the ventilator. For Oetiker, this project was considered mission-critical and we did everything possible to support the initiative.
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Patriot Manufacturing

Plymouth, Michigan

We machined a clamp for the ventilator project.
Phasium by Megmeet

San Jose, California

We are proud to employ our experience, technical ability and manufacturing power and join the effort to produce medical equipment to address the shortfall of devices during this global pandemic. Our goal is to support, with our Medical OEM customers, the healthy recovery of individuals affected by Covid-19 world-wide. Phasium is the premier medical power brand for Shenzhen Megmeet Electrical Co. Ltd, a publicly traded company with more than 4000 employees including 800 engineers.
POSDATA Group, Inc.

Gig Harbor, Washington

POSDATA provided the color-coded tags for the warehouse shelves and bins. These were required for GM to emulate the Ventec warehouse environment. We also provided the high performance resin ink ribbons used for printing of the ventilator product labels. These supplies were manufactured by our vendor partner, Zebra Technologies.
Precision Associates Inc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

We are a supplier to Ventec producing 13 different parts for their end product since it's inception. We mold solid rubber and rubber bonded to metal components. As part of this project, we continued to supply Ventec, we molded parts for GM and also assisted QSR who tooled up on some of the parts for GM. We machined the metal inserts for QSR to bond rubber to and also provided the anti-friction surface treatment on the finished products.
Pro-pack Inc.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Pro-Pack, Inc. is an Industrial Packaging Solutions and supplier of packaging. Pro-Pack supplied General Motors Signode Angleboard.
Proper Group

Warren, Michigan

Proper Group worked with GM and Ventec on Project V, supporting product design, tool design and build, and improved manufacturing and assembly processes for case covers and handle assemblies. Proper Group used its expertise and experience to support this program led by GM and Ventec to help deliver product in five weeks. The Proper team is proud to have been a part of such a successful project.
QSR - Quality Synthetic Rubber

Twinsburg, Ohio

QSR was invited to join in the fight against COVID-19 by GM for Project V. Our team was able to quickly come with a solution for fast turn tools for two critical ventilator parts. What normally takes 6 to 8 weeks, QSR's tooling organization; Quadra Tooling and Automation was able to pull all resources to design and build two tools that were production-ready within 2 weeks.
Rima Manufacturing Company

Hudson, Michigan

Rima produced the the 'Bushing Cough Assist Valve for both the VPRO and VCSN Field Unit ventilators produced in Kokomo, Indiana.
S and Y Industries

Winfield, Kansas

We are an electronics contract manufacturer specializing in Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Wire-Harness Assembly, and Final Box Builds. S and Y Industries was established in 1984 and originally populated circuit boards for aerospace customers in Wichita KS. From those beginnings we have grown to have over 100 team members and a broad base of customers across multiple industries including Commercial/Industrial, Medical, and Aerospace. We are proud to say that electronic assemblies built here at our Winfield location circle the globe. S and Y Industries is still a family owned and operated company with our founder Sandy Foust and her husband Gary still involved in the day to day operations, and their sons, John and Dan Foust, poised to lead the next generation.
S&A Industries Corporation

Akron, ohio

Producing 4 preformed internal tubes.
Sealed Air

Charlotte, North Carolina

The partnership of General Motors and Ventec Life Systems is a perfect fit for protective packaging manufacturer Sealed Air. The company has supplied auto parts packaging to GM for 20+ years and more recently has provided Ventec with SEALED AIR® brand Korrvu® suspension packaging to protect ventilators during shipments. To meet the project deadline, Sealed Air prioritized production, mobilized two separate supply chain teams, and delivered the custom-designed packaging materials to GM on time.
Siverson Design

Redmond, Washington

We built tools and prototypes for the Exhaust Boot Adapter within 2 days and iterated the design 6 times within a week. We helped Cooper Standard, one of GM’s manufacturing partners, begin production. We produced 3 multi-cavity tools in quick succession that they used in their Livonia, Michigan plant. We produced 10,000 parts before Ventec’s large scale manufacturing partners began production.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

When SKF received a call from General Motors (GM) asking us to quickly supply bearings and seals needed to make critically needed ventilators for hospitals across the country, our team sprang into action. In a time of crisis, SKF employees across the globe came together to do our part in the fight against COVID-19.
Skilled Manufacturing, Inc.

Traverse City, Michigan

Skilled Manufacturing was contacted asking if we could fabricate aluminum parts destined for ventilators. Within an hour, SMI had 12 aerospace employees at the plant, ready to make it happen. After looking at the 2D blueprints we went to work – producing a prototype for submission the same day. Within two additional days, SMI had prototyped three more ventilator parts. Production began as swiftly as our quality standards would allow.
Spec Technologies

Shelby Township, Michigan

CNC cut from stainless steel and counter weights.
Speedtech International Inc

Racine, Wisconsin

We supply customized hook and loop fasteners for cord, hose, and cable management.

Mississauga, Alabama

On March 21 as an original Ventec supplier we received the email from GM requesting our support in the new ventilator program. The Springs & Things Inc. team moved quickly to secure resources and created a plan so we could ramp up and meet the needs of the committed quantities required by the Project V Team. There was a lot of uncertainty at the time as to the extent of the infection and government reaction to business closures. Management wanted to ensure full supply of our ventilator part.
The Lee Company

Westbrook, Connecticut

The Lee Company supplies precision orifices used in the Ventec VOCSN. The Lee Company has also been a long-standing supplier to GM directly with similar types of products. After Shilpan Amin’s call to action email, The Lee Company immediately contacted GM that night. The next day, GM relayed the project’s need for The Lee Company’s precision orifices and check valves. We created an 18 person cross-functional team covering engineering, manufacturing, logistics, product management, & sales that afternoon to analyze capabilities & availability of resources. Within 72 hours of the call to action, we had the project's first month of demand ready to ship.
Thermal Control Products, Inc.

Concord, North Carolina

Thermal Control Products partnered with GM and Ventec Life Systems to provide the Thermal Mount Barriers for Project V. Our barriers protect and reduce temperature, increasing the life of the ventilator. Our vendors and partners made this possible by expediting materials and tooling. Our talented staff worked overtime during this crisis to produce over 30,000 units in record time. They are the heart of our Company and the true heroes who made this project a success.
Tompkins Products

Detroit, Michigan

In two weeks we were in full production on three machined components for this project.
Tooling & Equipment International Corp.

Livonia, Michigan

TEI was contracted by GM to manufacture machined components for ventilators as part of GM’s Project V – GM’s partnership with medical equipment manufacturer Ventec Life Systems. TEI was first contacted about this essential work on March 25th, with the first shipment required by April 3rd. TEI delivered the first shipment on April 2nd and has ramped up to thousands of parts per week.
Uchiyama Manufacturing Company

Novi, Michigan

Uchiyama Manufacturing Group is a tier1 supplier to GM/Ventec for 15 oring seals and gaskets. Engineering and project contacts are from the Novi office, and production was conducted in four plants located in Japan. All UMC colleagues appreciated this opportunity working with GM and could contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Uline has been able to provide packaging support including desiccants, tape, and plank foam.
Vanguard Products Corporation

Danbury, Connecticut

Vanguard Products Corporation manufactures precision-cut Vansil® silicone tubing for use in the ventilators in the nebulizer. oxygen generator, and airway portions of the unit. Vanguard’s silicone tubing is a high consistency silicone tubing that is used in non-invasive medical applications due to its resiliency, translucency, and durability. Our cost-effective precision cutting processes allow for efficient ventilator production.
Vernay Laboratories

Hapeville, Georgia

Vernay worked very diligently to be able to deliver our valves within a few days of the request.
Vincent Medical Manufacturing

Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Vincent Medical is the sole source supplier of all the patient consumables required to use a VOCSN on a patient. Circuits, Filters, Suction Cannisters, Accessories. Vincent medical scaled up from an avg of 2K ea circuits per mo to 50K per week, invested over USD $6M in equipment, machinery, tooling, building a 25K sq ft cleanroom all on pace with the GM -Ventec demand schedule.
West Michigan Molding

Grand Haven Township, Michigan

West Michigan Molding designed and built two full production molds for an over-molded part for the ventilator. We successfully built the molds and produced parts and received PPAP approval in under two weeks.
Winchester Interconnect

Norwalk, Connecticut

Winchester Interconnect is supporting GM with cable harness for Project V.
ZAGO Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Newark, New Jersey

ZAGO manufactured and supplied its high-tech sealing screws with O-rings for installation in Ventec medical ventilators. Ventec is a longtime ZAGO customer. Our sealing screws, which were thoughtfully installed by Tracy Streeter, GM forklift operator, are designed to prevent oxygen leakage in highly pressurized environments (like the suctioning mechanism of a compressor) and prevent contaminants from seeping into medical equipment. Our sealing fasteners are manufactured in the U.S. in Newark, NJ.
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This unique partnership combines Ventec Life Systems’ respiratory care expertise with General Motors’ manufacturing might to build VOCSN critical care ventilators for frontline medical professionals fighting COVID-19.